Savour Galicia An Unforgettable Gastronomic Experience

Galicia is not only known for its stunning landscapes and rich history, but also for its exquisite cuisine, which captures the essence of the sea and the land in every dish. With our exclusive “Galician Gastronomic Experience” offer, we invite you to embark on a culinary journey that will awaken all your senses and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Details That Make a Difference

We know that the real magic of gastronomy lies in the details. That is why each option of our “Galician Gastronomic Experience” has been studied and tailor-made to ensure that every moment is perfect. From the selected ambience to the presentation of each dish, everything is designed to make your experience as delicious as it is unforgettable.

Why Choose Our Dining Experience?

  • Variety and Quality: From the coast to the interior, our experiences cover the wide range of flavours that Galicia has to offer.
  • Exclusivity: Access to places and experiences that only a few know about, from family-run wineries to hidden restaurants.
  • Personalisation: We tailor each experience to your preferences to ensure that every bite is a reflection of your tastes.
  • Commitment to Excellence: We work with only the best suppliers and professionals to guarantee quality in every detail.


Arrival at the wonderful hotel Quinta de San Amaro, a charming refuge in the Rías Baixas, where beaches, nature, heritage and gastronomy come together. You will be able to enjoy the facilities of the hotel spending a free afternoon exploring the swimming pool, the beach or strolling around the surroundings. Delight yourself with an exquisite dinner in the hotel’s restaurant.

Start the day with a delicious breakfast in the heart of Pontevedra, Limón Brunch. Explore the fascinating old town, the second most important in Galicia. Discover one of the most picturesque villages in Spain, Combarro, for lunch at Tintanegra restaurant. After lunch, take the opportunity to visit the village of horreos or Cambados, the birthplace of Albariño. Then, live a magical gastronomic experience at Casa Solla, Poio.


Arrival at the Gran Hotel La Toja, a spa with thermal waters and a multitude of therapeutic and thermoludic activities to relax. All this accompanied by an unforgettable gastronomic tour of the area. Enjoy an exquisite dinner in the hotel’s own restaurant. Then take a stroll to explore the area’s nightlife and relax in the hotel’s comfortable facilities.

Have breakfast with a varied brunch at Carmencita Café to start the day with lots of energy. Discover the island of A Toxa and enjoy the view at the Siradella viewpoint. Don’t forget to taste the products of the estuary at D’Berto restaurant. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon on the beach of La Lanzada or get active if you prefer water activities. Finally, end the day with dinner at a restaurant overlooking the estuary, Culler de Pau, where the flavour of its exquisite dishes will awaken a multitude of sensations in your palate.


Stay at the Gran Hotel Nagari Boutique Spa, the first boutique hotel in the Galician community, strategically located near the port, financial and commercial area. Enjoy a variety of beauty and relaxation treatments, including the exclusive Skyline Spa on the terrace overlooking the estuary.

Arrive at the hotel to enjoy an afternoon of spa and treatments. Dinner at the elegant Morrofino restaurant and stroll around the charming harbour area.

Take a break and start the day with breakfast at La Cultural Brunch to recharge your batteries. Stroll along the incredible Samil beach and then eat at Maruja Limón, where you’ll find menus of authentic Galician dishes. You also have the option of taking a boat trip to the Cíes Islands, a highly recommended experience. Finally, to end the weekend, don’t forget to have dinner at the restaurant el
Silabario restaurant.

 A Menu of 
  Unique Experiences 

Each of our gastronomic experiences has been carefully selected and designed to offer you the best of Galician cuisine, from the freshest seafood to traditional meat dishes, not forgetting delicious homemade desserts. Whether you prefer an intimate culinary stroll through the cobbled streets of Santiago de Compostela, a wine tasting in the cellars of the Rias Baixas, or a cooking workshop where you can learn how to prepare traditional Galician dishes from expert chefs, we have something special for you.

Do you dare to discover the flavours of Galicia?

Our “Galician Gastronomic Experience” is an invitation to immerse yourself in the culture, tradition and culinary innovation of this magical land. Get ready to be fascinated, not only by the flavours and textures, but also by the stories and passion that each dish carries with it.

We are waiting for you to start this gastronomic journey together!