Ecotourism in Galicia
Nature and Sustainability

Galicia, with its impressive natural diversity and commitment to sustainability, presents itself as the perfect destination for those looking for a different kind of getaway, focused on ecotourism and sustainable accommodation. “Aroma Sostenible” is our exclusive proposal for unique experiences, in perfect harmony with nature and local culture, while promoting the conservation of the environment and the well-being of local communities.

Galicia offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in dreamlike landscapes, from windswept coasts to lush forests that hide crystal clear rivers. But beyond its natural beauty, it is its commitment to sustainability that makes Galicia an exemplary destination. With “Aroma Sostenible”, every activity is designed to minimise environmental impact and maximise your connection with nature.

Why Choose "Aroma Sostenible"?

  • Commitment to conservation: Travel responsibly, supporting the conservation of Galicia’s biodiversity and cultural heritage.
    Authentic connection: Live authentic experiences that connect you in a meaningful way with the land and its inhabitants.
  • Positive impact: Your visit contributes to local sustainable development, supporting environmentally friendly economies and practices.
  • Unforgettable memories: Take home memories full of beauty, learning and the satisfaction of having travelled in a conscious and respectful way.

If you are looking for an unforgettable holiday with a focus on ecotourism and sustainable accommodation, Galicia is your ideal destination!

The Nests of Carnota are wooden lodgings that blend in with the environment, offering a unique fusion of tourism and ornithology.
of tourism and ornithology. This corner of the Galician coast is home to one of the most spectacular beaches in the region,
known for its extensive sandy beach of more than 7 km and its rich flora and fauna. Meals will be enjoyed at Casa Manolo.

Head to Palas de Reis to experience the Ecoagroturismo Arqueixal. This family farm, originally dedicated to cheese, yoghurt and milk production production of cheese, yoghurt and milk. Discover a rural and sustainable agrarian environment, connecting with nature and daily life in the nature and the daily life of the village. Participate in optional activities such as cheese making, grazing for a day, milking pasture for a day, milking cows and tending the vegetable garden. In addition, explore the French Way to Santiago de Compostela and hiking routes through a natural landscape with native species.

Enjoy the tranquillity at the Rectoral de Chandrexa, in Parada de Sil. Surrounded by mountains and forests of chestnut trees, this rural house will immerse you in a simple lifestyle based on organic farming and local products. local products. Opt for optional activities such as forest baths, which strengthen the immune system and reduce stress, as well as and reduce stress, as well as excursions through the Ribeira Sacra and vineyards.

End your experience at Villa San Mauro, located in Quinta de San Amaro. This charming country house in front of a sea of vineyards offers you different spaces such as La Parra, La Piscina, La Pradera, El Proche, El Horreo and La Pérgola, which transmit sensations of tranquillity and wellbeing. As well as enjoying treatments and massages, take part in cooking workshops with a view of the market, boat trips on the Arosa estuary to learn about the extraction and production of and production of seafood and fish, wine cellar tours and wine tourism, a route of the arts of the sea and horse riding. horse riding.

 Activities that Leave a Footprint 
  Alone in the Heartn 

“Aroma Sostenible is not just a holiday; it is an invitation to be part of something bigger, to live fully and consciously, discovering the magic of Galicia in a sustainable way. Get ready for an experience that will enrich your life and protect the world around us. Galicia is waiting for you to share its green heart with you.

Get ready for adventures that will resonate in your soul long after you have returned home. Whether exploring ancient pilgrim trails, participating in local craft workshops that preserve centuries-old traditions, or savouring Galician gastronomy in an agrotourism experience, every moment of “Aroma Sostenible” is imbued with meaning and respect for Galician culture and nature.