…...You've never seen him so Blue

"I need the sea because it teaches me: I don't know if I learn music or consciousness: I don't know if it's only wave or deep being or just hoarse voice or dazzling supposition of fish and ships. The fact is that even when I am asleep I somehow magnetically circle in the university of the swell".


Our passion for the sea leads us to a responsible journey through natural marine areas prioritising the conservation of the environment while maintaining the welfare of the local population always looking for a responsible tourism.

Discover our wonderful and unknown waters, soak up all the culture that surrounds the sea and enjoy our maritime experiences.

Dare to discover the seabed and relax on one of our exclusive sailing boats.

You will undoubtedly be fascinated.


If you are looking for an idyllic weekend, this is the best option. A romantic getaway on a sailboat, watching the sunset and the city of Vigo in the background, enjoying the sound of the waves and the sea.

Sailing trip along the estuary to enjoy a wonderful day in a unique natural environment such as the Cíes Islands. You will be able to enjoy the best unspoilt beaches of fine sand and crystal clear waters, including Rodas beach, considered one of the best beaches in the world. Lunch on board and sailing trip at sunset, contemplating an incredible sunset. Return to port, dinner and overnight on board.

Trip along the estuary with the option of practising different activities: diving, surfing, swimming… Lunch on board. After watching the incredible sunset, return to port to enjoy a romantic dinner on the last night on board.


At the beginning of the itinerary we head to the Isla Pancha lighthouse, the first lighthouse in Spain to be converted into a hotel. This lighthouse is considered one of the most beautiful in Galicia. During summer and spring, its serene waters invite you to relax, while in autumn and winter, the lapping of the waves and bird watching offer unique experiences. You will enjoy spectacular meals at the Javier Montero restaurant and explore optional activities such as water sports, hiking and Playa de las Catedrales.
We will transfer you to the Fisterra Lighthouse, where you will spend two days in this magical place. The rooms on the cliff offer breathtaking views of the ocean and the estuary of Corcubión, being able to appreciate the illuminated light of other lighthouses along the coast. Optional activities include all kinds of water sports, hiking trails and visits to the most famous beaches in the area: Play Langosteira, Mar de fora Beach and Arénela Beach.
In the next destination, Faro de Lariño, also known as Punta Insua, we will live a special and unique experience. It is located in a perfect place to enjoy the Costa de Morte and its breathtaking sunsets. Meals will be served at the Riba de Cheda restaurant. Optional activities include Carnota Beach, Monte Lindo, Ézaro waterfall, the horreos of Carnota and Lira, Monte Louro…
Our last destination will be the Semáforo de Bares lighthouse, located in Santa Maria de Bares. Although not a lighthouse per se, this old military construction near the Cape and the Estaca de Bares lighthouse offers you one of the most unspoilt coastal areas of the Iberian Peninsula. Designed for relaxation and disconnection, you will enjoy meals in the hotel restaurant. Optional activities include boat trips around Bares, Loiba, Barqueiro and Ribeira de Sor, horse riding, paragliding and sailing trips.



Surfing along the
Galician beaches