Archaeological Barbanza

Explore the Historical Heart of Galicia withBarbanza Archaeological

Delve into one of Galicia’s best-kept secrets: the region of Barbanza, an archaeological treasure waiting to be discovered by the most inquisitive travellers with a passion for history. With our exclusive offer “Archaeological Barbanza”, we invite you to explore a world full of ancient sites and narratives that have survived the passage of millennia.

A Journey Back in Time

The Barbanza region is a time capsule that allows us to walk among the traces of ancient civilisations. From impressive dolmens and petroglyphs to castreño settlements that stand as sentinels of history, every corner of Barbanza is a living testimony of the past. Our “Barbanza Archaeological” experience not only takes you to visit these extraordinary places, but also immerses you in the stories of those who inhabited them.

Why Choose "Barbanza Archaeological"?

  • Exclusive Access: Explore sites and places that few know about, guided by experts in archaeology and history.
  • Cultural Enrichment: Broaden your knowledge of the ancient civilisations that populated Galicia and their impact on contemporary culture.
  • Adventure and Learning: Combine the thrill of adventure with the depth of historical and cultural learning.
  • Commitment to Preservation: Contribute to the conservation of and respect for our archaeological heritage.

 Unknown Corners 
  Fascinating stories 

This experience is designed especially for our most curious clients, those who seek not only to travel, but also to learn and connect deeply with the places they visit. “Barbanza Archaeological” is an invitation to question, discover and marvel at the cultural and historical richness that Galicia has to offer.

Join us on “Archaeological Barbanza” and unravel the mysteries of one of Galicia’s most historically rich regions. Get ready for an experience that will not only feed your curiosity, but also leave an indelible mark on your understanding of history and culture.