The way "a orixe"

In the Footsteps of Tradition The Story that Gives Origin

Discover the less travelled but no less mystical route of the Camino de Santiago, where history and legend intertwine in a journey of faith and discovery. “O Camiño ‘A Orixe’ invites you to follow the ancient footsteps, from the legendary waters of the Rías Baixas to the emblematic Praza do Obradoiro.

Our journey begins with a story shrouded in the mantle of time, the arrival of the body of St. James the Greater on the shores of Galicia. According to tradition, his faithful disciples Theodore and Athanasius, overcoming all adversity, sailed from Palestine to the Rías Baixas in a stone boat. It is here, at this spiritual and physical starting point, that “A Orixe” finds its raison d’être.

A Path Forged by Faith

Evidence and stories tell us of an ancient medieval path, a route traced by devotion, which connected the rich history of the Ría de Arousa with the spiritual heart of Santiago de Compostela. From the Corrubedo Lighthouse, this path unfolds along the coast, drawing a map of contemplation and beauty, until it intertwines with the Portuguese Way at Iria Flavia.

  o The way "a orixe". 

“A Orixe” is not just a path; it is a series of stages, each telling its own story, each a chapter in your personal journey towards understanding and faith.

 Harmonious Coexistence 
  A Journey of Transformation  

“A Orixe” awaits you to offer you a unique experience, a lesser known route but deeply rooted in the essence of the pilgrimage to Santiago. Prepare your heart and your steps for a journey that goes beyond distance, towards a renewal of spirit and being.